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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Businesses Can Retrofit Their Lighting To Save Money

Lighting accounts for a huge portion of many companies’ electricity bills, and older ineffiecient T12 fluorescent lamps are a mojor contributor to increasing businesses energy costs. To reduce their energy bills, companies across the country are considering switching to energy saving T8 fluorescent lamps and energy saving electronic ballasts in their offices and warehouses. Of course, buying new fixtures and the labor to install them to accommodate new energy efficient lighting can be very expensive.

The best way for businesses to save money while transitioning to the newest technology is to buy and install a fluorescent lighting retrofit kit, eliminating the cost of buying new fixtures and saving a lot of money on time and labor costs. At Energy Saving Lighting, we have pre-wired retrofit kits available for 4 foot 2 lamp and 8 foot 2 lamp strip lights, as well as 2’ x 2’ foot and 2’ x 4’ troffer lay-ins.

Transitioning to new lighting with a retrofit kit can be fast and simple, but it’s important to investigate any retrofit kit you’re thinking about buying to determine if it comes pre-wired. Pre-wired retrofit kits can save you hours of labor when installing them into your fixtures. With a pre-wired kit, you can retrofit a fixture for energy saving lighting in minutes.

One of the most important steps in installing a retrofit kit is to determine what kind of fixture you have. The type of retrofit kit you purchase will depend on whether your fixture has a lens or is a parabolic fixture if you’re retrofitting a troffer. Additionally, you’ll want to be sure to measure correctly before you purchase any retrofit kit, because the size of your fixture will make a huge difference in which kit will work for you.

To see instructional pictures and a step-by-step guide for installing troffer retrofits, visit our lighting retrofit guide.

Are you in the process of transitioning the lights in your office or warehouse to more efficient lighting? Tell us about your experience in the comments. If you have any questions about the retrofit process, contact us. We’ll use our years of lighting experience to help you.


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