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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Product Spotlight: Streamlight Stylus Pro

Ever wanted to know more about some of the great LED flashlights we offer? Well, you’re in luck! This month, we’re shining our spotlight on the Streamlight Stylus Pro flashlight.

This sleek, pen-sized flashlight is perfect for people who need a bright, convenient-to-use flashlight. It’s been developed to help professionals and sportsmen perform various tasks without the bulk of other flashlights.

This little LED flashlight packs a big punch. Using C4 LED technology, the Stylus Pro doesn’t make you sacrifice product life for a small flashlight. It is estimated to last 50,000 hours. At peak beam intensity, the light from the Stylus Pro has been measured at 1,033 candelas with a measured output of 48 lumens.

In addition to its amazing brightness, this flashlight offers tremendous runtime for such a small tool: The Stylus Pro can run for 6.25 hours on only two AAA batteries. This tiny flashlight is super durable, too.

Here’s the impressive list of qualities that make this flashlight almost indestructible:

  • Unbreakable and scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens
  • O-ring sealed for water resistance per IPX4 standards
  • Shock proof
  • Drop-tested construction
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Unbreakable pocket clip

One of the qualities of the Stylus Pro that impressed us the most was how easy it is to use. Its push button tail switch allows for momentary or constant on operation, perfect for whatever your application.

What do you think about this bright LED flashlight? Leave us a comment! We’d love to know.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Why are LEDs Becoming So Popular?

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about LED light bulbs lately. Everyone’s touting them as the next big thing for everything from kitchen lighting to bathroom lighting to utility lighting. But if you’re not too familiar with this new technology, you might be wondering why they’re so popular now. We’re here to answer that question.

In short, LED light bulbs have become so popular because they’re all around better than the incandescent light bulbs of years past. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Cost EfficientLED lamps not only save you money on your electric bill through lower wattage bulbs, but they last longer, saving you money on replacement costs. You can often expect LED bulbs to last thousands of hours longer than incandescent bulbs.
  2. Energy Efficient — LED light bulbs are able to produce the same amount of light using far fewer watts. Incandescent bulbs often waste energy by producing heat, but LED light bulbs are much more efficient at turning power into light.
  3. Compact — LEDs can produce quite a bit of light from a tiny bulb, making these bulbs perfect for lighting in tight spaces, like in under-cabinet lighting. For creative lighting projects or small spaces, LED bulbs are the best.
  4. Better for the Planet — It’s probably not a surprise that LED bulbs are better for the environment, but it’s an important reason why LEDs are better than the old technology behind incandescent light bulbs. By consuming less energy, LEDs create less carbon dioxide than old light bulbs. Additionally, fewer LEDs pile up in our landfills because the bulbs outlast incandescents many times over, and the LEDs that do end up in our landfills don’t come with the toxic chemicals, like mercury, that you’ll find in other bulbs.

Have you made the switch to LED lights yet? What made you decide to make the switch? Let us know in the comments!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Choosing Between LED and Fluorescent Bulbs

So, you’ve made the decision to transition the lighting in your home or office to energy efficient bulbs instead of old-fashioned incandescent bulbs. Good job! You’ve made a terrific choice. But the decisions don’t end there. Now you need to decide whether you would prefer LED or Compact Fluorescent Bulbs in your home. It’s not a decision to be taken lightly, so we’ve studied both of these bulbs to help you understand which is best in your home.

The Case for Fluorescent Lighting

CFLs are much less expensive than many LED bulbs. Because of their lower price point, you’re more likely to be able to find CFLs in stores than you are LEDs. As a less expensive option, compact fluorescent lighting is able to pay for itself in as little as a year, whereas it can take much longer for an LED to pay for itself. In recent years, CFLs have made great strides toward producing a warm light similar to the light produced by incandescent bulbs.

The Case for LED Light Bulbs

Although CFL bulbs come with a lower upfront cost, the long life and energy efficiency of LED bulbs makes them the better long-term option. LED bulbs can light a room for almost three times as many hours, on average, as CFL bulbs. With features such as dimming and instant-on, LED bulbs are a clear winner for many rooms in a home or office. LED bulbs are also much more environmentally friendly than CFLs, as they don’t contain any mercury, which is toxic to people and the environment. When your LED bulbs finally wear out, you’re able to throw them away with the rest of your garbage or recycled, while you would have to take a CFL bulb to a hazardous waste facility to prevent landfills from being contaminated with mercury.

With that information in mind, which type of light bulb would you buy? Let us know in the comments below!