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Monday, June 16, 2014

8 Ways to Decrease Your Energy Bill This Summer

After an unusually long winter for much of the country, summer has finally arrived! Unfortunately, summer’s higher temperatures usually bring higher energy bills as well. If you’re looking for some easy ways to save electricity this summer, read on for our best tips to reduce energy bills and keep a little more money in your pocket:

  1. Close curtains and blinds on the sunniest side of your house to keep your home a little cooler and give your air conditioner more of a break.
  2. Make sure your air conditioner vents are open. Many people don’t think to check their vents, but when a vent is closed, you air conditioner has to work extra hard to keep your home cool.
  3. Change the filters in your air conditioner on a monthly basis. Air conditioners with dirty filters don’t function as efficiently, meaning it’ll have to use more energy to keep your house as cool as you’d like.
  4. Consider using fans instead of relying fully on the air conditioner. Fans will allow you to keep your thermostat at a higher temperature, while still remaining comfortable.
  5. Unplug small appliances and chargers when not in use. Some devices still use power even when they’re in the off position, so consider only plugging them in when you need to use them.
  6. Wash your clothes on cold when possible to save a lot of electricity. About 90 percent of the energy used for washing clothes is used in heating up the water in the wash drum.
  7. Replace old appliances with more efficient ones. While this tip won’t save you much money today, purchasing an Energy Star certified appliance will reduce your bills in the long term, and that can add up to big savings.
  8. Likewise, swap out any old incandescent bulbs for newer, energy efficient lighting, like what you’ll find in our selection of LED light bulbs. Don’t forget to look at your landscape and security lighting as well to find any lingering incandescent light bulbs.

Are there any tips we forgot? Add them in the comments below and we might include them in this post!

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